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Dr Mithila Desai

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself formally, I am Dr. Mithila Desai and have been an authority in clinical psychology since the last 30 years, My specialisation is in CBT and REBT therapies for clients who experience Depression Anxiety, Phobias, OCD, helping overcome problems with my expertise so that they reduce dependence on psychiatric medications and heal their mind.

I am the Founder of a career guidance company “Young Achievers“, helping and guiding students with academic difficulties, through one-on-one and Group counselling.

I am an EAP consultant and affiliated to Optum which connects me to most top and reputed corporates like Optum to which I have been associated with for over a period of 12 years largely addressing into clinical aspects of the employees of various Corporates.

I have worked extensively with students, parents and teachers in most reputed schools, looking to understand the educational and emotional needs of students and children and helping them over come barriers in learning and coping up with difficulties arising , using holistic approach.

I have worked with Parents & Teachers and given light to the dynamics in personal and professional life. I have been successfully running centre’s in Bandra, Andheri and Borivali in the western suburbs.

Besides that, I continue to be a Guest Columnist for Femina, Mid-day & Psycho Logs magazines and periodicals and a contributing writer to numerous print media. 2018 saw me being felicitated and Honoured with the Global Woman ‘s Achievers Award for the field of psychology.

I look forward to a wonderful relationship with your organisation and a convenient time for a personal meeting to discuss our future endeavours.

Thank you.

Success Stories!

Depression & Anxiety

Richa Sharma

I met mam during the worst phase of my life, when i was having depression and anxiety issues. Due to matters pertaining to my childhood and teenage years, deep sorrows and fears had engulfed my mind and my relationship with my husband, in-laws and even my own relatives. I used to always be low, my immunity levels were going down and I had nobody around me to give a completely unbiased opinion.

It was during that time when i was low, i decided to seek outside help. I had first 3 sessions only to explain my issues. Thereafter, Mithila mam started to give me, my husband and my mother counseling on matters related to me. For the first time, everyone felt that this was a difficult phase for me and i started getting support rather than just blame. It took me another few months to be normal. She is unbiased, practical and very patient in dealing with sensitive matters. In times when we are suffering from mental health issues, we need someone to listen, and she is a very good listener. I have come out of depression ( which troubled me for years and years!) Without taking single medicine , just by listening to her advice, and working upon my issues.

I still visit her. More than doctor, she is a friend who can listen to anything i want to share - good or bad!

Family Counselling


Doctor Mithila has helped me have a better relation with my parents. I have started to be on better terms with them & learnt to let go of the little things. She has helped me be more perceptive of the things I do which I didn’t realise I used to or was ignorant of. It has been a slow learning experience about myself, about who I am as a person. I am learning to become more emotionally mature & get a better sense of self. I have learnt to be calmer in situations which would usually rattle me. My confidence in myself has also grown & I’m okay with being myself. I thank her for this journey of personal growth & learning.

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One small crack does not mean that you are broken it means that you were put to the test and you did not fall apart

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What Patients Say


"I was lost and hopeless when I came to meet Dr Mithila Desai, she helped me find a way back to myself. Dr Mithila is an exceptional therapist and is always hands on present for me whenever I need her help. She really showed me a different perspective of life which was really very helpful."

Siddhi Kocharekar

"The essential thing we all need is confidence and at this moment I have it. In fact, we all have, but we take too long to know. Dr Mithila helped me to find mine. One thing I found and 10 things in my life got improved."


"I came to meet Dr Mithila for issues related to my wife and me. These were mostly related to depression, anxiety, etc. It’s been few months and with the help of her we have almost overcome it. She is very patient, understanding and gives exact solution to what seems a big issue. She is really very helpful. Thankyou ma’am."


"Mithila Mam had been very patient with me. I had depression & anxiety issues which was lingering around my life for a long time, but within 3 months of consultation, my life and thinking pattern changed drastically & I did this without medicine. I referred my friends & relatives too and they benefited from her consultation. She is very warm, understanding & patient & I could just speak with her about everything. Thank you for time and advices. It has almost taken me out of my mental troubles."

Geeta Desai

"After my session with Dr Mithila Desai I feel so light & relaxed that I started getting sound sleep with no bad thoughts."

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One small crack does not mean that you are broken it means that you were put to the test and you didnt fall apart