Do You Struggle With Panic Attacks?

Most people who experience a panic attack will have more in the future. This is mainly because they start worrying about reexperiencing a similar one in the future. They may also try to “protect” themselves from future attacks by fearfully anticipating them or avoiding triggers and using other responses that eventually disrupt their life, fuels […]

Online vs offline therapy which is better and effective?

Online vs offline therapy which is better and effective?Posted byClinical psychologist & therapistJune 21, 2023Posted inUncategorizedThis is one frequently asked question by many clients In terms of convenience certainly as more people try the computer and smartphone over the couch, both mental health professionals and therapy-goers are benefiting from the technology The pandemic has changed […]

When someone you love is depressed.

How can you help your loved ones without losing yourself We all know that depression affects mood, sleep patterns, appetite, motivation, and even the will to live. But what many people do not realize is the extent to which depression affects relationships. If your partner is depressed, your marriage or relationship is ten times more […]

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