Online vs offline therapy which is better and effective?

Online vs offline therapy which is better and effective?
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This is one frequently asked question by many clients

In terms of convenience certainly as more people try the computer and smartphone over the couch, both mental health professionals and therapy-goers are benefiting from the technology

The pandemic has changed the medium of counselling overnight for therapists all over the world, at one point there was no other choice but to adapt to online platforms Is online therapy is not trying to replace traditional therapy? Is it a better fit for millions of people.

Whichever mode of therapy a client chooses ultimately as psychotherapists, our role is to help you work through whatever challenges or difficulties may be troubling you. Within a therapy setting, we aim to be open, honest and compassionate – but did you know that there are some things we would like you to know too?

In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of seeking support for mental or physical health concerns cannot be overstated. Fortunately, technological advancements have opened up new avenues for individuals to access therapy conveniently and effectively, and one can have access to therapy from any part of the world and research shows that online therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy for various mental health conditions

There are many reasons people opt for online therapy over in-person therapy. The following are some of the biggest advantages of online therapy.

One literature review of studies found online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to be just as effective as in-person therapy in treating moderate depression.

Another review found that online CBT was equally effective as a face-to-face treatment for panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder many people don’t want to wait for a week to chat with their therapist

online therapy allows therapists and clients to chat multiple times every day. This is crucial for clients who need frequent care it can be as easy as sending a text. You don’t need to change your schedule.and there are no commutes You Can Express Yourself In Many Ways Text, Video, Audio and More

Sometimes talking isn’t enough to express what you are thinking and feeling. By using certain forms of online therapy, clients can write, talk with or without video, communicate in real time.

Online therapy offers access to mental health treatment to people in remote areas or to those who live in rural areas simply might not have access to any other form of mental health treatment because there are few or no mental health practices in their area.

Having to drive long distances and take significant time out of a busy schedule to seek in-person therapy can be a burden for people in need of help. If you have reliable internet access, online therapy gives you relatively quick and easy access to treatment that might not have been readily available to you otherwise.

Online therapy provides accessibility to individuals who are disabled or housebound. Mobility can be a big issue when it comes to accessing mental health care. A therapist practicing out of their own home, for example, may not be set up to accommodate clients of all abilities.

People who are unable to leave their home for various reasons, such as physical or mental illness, may find online therapy a useful alternative to traditional in-person psychotherapy settings.

In person therapy sessions are preferred by individuals who lack the availability of privacy to talk from their homes , in my practice during the pandemic I witnessed many people had to choose to either go to parks or sit in their cars to avoid judgements of people around them,

With offline counseling, intangible details like empathy and non-verbal communication (body language) are palpably felt whereas that can be a little challenging for the client to feel and for the therapist to notice- given the limited visuals a screen can offer.

Some unavoidable issues like internet connectivity, could be a challenge impacting the quality of voice and picture

This is also important to form a personal connection with the therapist and client which is harder to do over a screen and/or takes more time.

Therapy is a safe space

Therapy is ultimately a safe place for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, with your therapist creating a safe and supportive environment for you to explore the things that are bothering you. You can trust that we won’t judge you or try to take your decisions away from you. We will simply be there to support and guide you as you work through your challenges.

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